4 Week Workshop


This workshop is for parents who want to help their struggling readers. If your child is dyslexic, has any other learning difference or is simply struggling with reading, this 4 week live workshop will give you the tools to get started on the right track to help your child.

There are 4 modules, each module will be covered in a live 1 hour webinar and will include various worksheets, activities and extras to get you working with your child.

Module 1- How to Work With Your Child will introduce dyslexia and other learning differences and will teach you the best strategies for working with your child.

Module 2 - Knowing the Sounds will go in-depth with phonemic awareness and will give you many necessary tools and activities to turn your child into a phonemic awareness expert.

Module 3 - All About Vowels will introduce and explain the importance of vowels in the English language. You'll also get activities to help boost your child's knowledge of vowels.

Module 4 - OG and Movement will introduce the concept of physical literacy and will show you how getting your child up and moving has both physical and cognitive benefits.

Upcoming Workshops

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