Courses for Parents and Homeschoolers

Are you the parent of a child who is struggling with reading and spelling?

We offer a selection of affordable and fun mini-courses to get your dyslexic child on the right path.


Through these short and physically active courses you will introduce your child to the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach in a fun and engaging way.


  • Extra activities to use with your child - keep them active and build their phonological awareness!
  • Bonus word lists - keep working with your child without them even knowing!

Now Available!

This bundle of 9 courses is for you, the parent who has a child struggling to learn how to read and spell. You will learn how to help your child finally learn to read and spell using a program based on the most research-backed approach for reading intervention.

Do you have a dyslexic child struggling to learn how to read and spell?

You’ve been fighting with the school to get them assessed, to get an IEP, to get the IEP enforced. You’ve been offered programs that aren’t Orton-Gillingham based and you’re fed up with the lack of progress that’s being made. You’ve paid to have them privately assessed or are thinking about getting them assessed. The bills are piling up and you’ve realised that having a dyslexic child is frustrating and expensive.

You are exactly why we developed this program from our tutor training program.

With the proper training and tools, YOU can be the one to help your child.

Finally know how to help your dyslexic child

Give your child the tools to read and spell

Learn the Orton-Gillingham approach for an affordable price

Receive over 150 ready to use lessons for students of all ages

Access to controlled readers

Receive unprecedented support from Aarken Tutoring Inc. We want you to succeed!


The aardvark parent package is the full package that will take you from a parent who desperately wants to help their child to a parent who CAN help their dyslexic child learn how to read and spell.

Intro to aardvark will set you up with all of the background information that you will need before you can start Module 1.

You will get the foundation knowledge upon which you can build your Orton-Gillingham knowledge and move forward with lesson plans for your child.

Module 1 – This is aardvark’s first Orton-Gillingham based module. Here we will teach you each skill that you will need to use with your child within Module 1 of the aardvark program. You will also get all of the lesson plans, word lists and extras that you will be using with your child. This is the course that will get you started working with your child.

Module 2 – This module introduces you to the first syllable type, the closed syllable. You will get the knowledge as well as the lessons and the materials needed to move your child ahead in their OG learning. After completing this module you will be able to confidently teach about the first of 7 syllable types.

Module 3 – Building on what you’ve learned in the first few courses, you’ll get to know the open syllable. This will answer some questions about why vowels make one sound in some words and another in different words. You’ll again be getting all of the lesson and extras you’ll need!

Module 4 – What is that silent ‘e’ at the end of so many English words? You’ll learn about that in this module and all of the spelling rules that go along with it. You’ll know how to teach it and will get every lesson you need to teach it effectively.

Module 5 – “When 2 vowels go walking, the first does the talking”. You’ll learn what this means and why it’s important when learning how to read and spell.

Module 6 – Always wanted to know what a diphthong is? Well, module 6 will introduce you to this syllable type and will provide you with everything you’ll need (ready-to-use lessons included!) to pass the knowledge on to your child!

Module 7 – Ever notice how the letter ‘r’ can make vowels do strange things? We’ll explain why and teach you how to explain it to your child in this module that covers r-controlled vowels.

Module 8 – In the final module, you’ll learn about the last syllable type, the consonant-le syllable. You will teach your child all about castles, puzzles and bubbles, or at least how to read and spell those words!

Why should I choose aardvark over other, more established programs?

Aardvark is the only program that integrates training in the Orton-Gillingham approach, a full set of ready to use lessons, readers and extras all while using activities that build physical literacy while teaching dyslexic or struggling readers how to successfully read and spell. You’ll get a traditional OG program that’s also active, fun and effective!

How long will this training take?

Each module will take around 15-20 hours to complete. With all 9 modules it should take you about 180 hours. This course work can be done at your own pace, on your own time. Keep in mind that you can complete the Intro course and Module1 and start with a student while you complete the other modules in your own time!

Once I’ve completed the parent program, can I upgrade to become a Aardvark Certified Tutor?

Yes! You can simply pay the difference between the Parent Program and the Tutor Program. To upgrade to a certification you’ll need to prove your knowledge by passing an exam for each module.

What if I am dyslexic? Can I still teach this course?

Yes! If you are dyslexic you are in the unique position of understanding the struggles of your students. Much of our content is video-based and our text-based content is accompanied by audio.


Still unsure if this is the right course for you? Check out the free trial. If you decide that this IS the course you’ve been waiting for to help your struggling reader, then make the purchase! If after 30 days you are not satisfied with the course, you will receive a full refund.

Sara Dorken – CEO Aarken Tutoring

Sara is a passionate tutor and online trainer who specialises in using the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach while working with students with Dyslexia and other learning differences. She has trained in many OG-based programs and has been certified to teach the OG approach from the Dyslexia Training Institute based out of the University of San Diego. Sara has helped develop the aardvark program and has made it unique by using her extensive background in sport and physical activity (M.A. Human Kinetics) to integrate movement in order to build physical literacy and traditional literacy in struggling students.

Can I choose the Aardvark Tutor Package?

Absolutely!  The courses offered in the Aardvark Tutor Package are also available to Parents or Homeschoolers looking to aid struggling readers. You just pay the difference!

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